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Тайное, прогнозы, статьи - осень 2009 года, станет для всех очередным примером масонского предатель [48]
Тайное статьи, Нравственность, честность – это биология. Прогноз на 2009 год. осень 2009 года, станет для всех очередным примером масонского предательства.
Secret, forecasts, articles of Masonic treachery [17]
Secret articles, the Morals, honesty is a biology. The forecast for 2009. The spring of 2009, becomes for all the next example of Masonic treachery.
Жидовское хамство Тины Канделаки...«Русские – кто вы? Где вы здесь?..» [0]
Телевидение - инструмент агрессии геноцид русских, настоящей информационной войны против России и русского народа.
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нравственность честность лидер барак обама москва 2009 хаос правительство Петров обман levashov Врата Междумирья Зомби прогнозы Шанс коба разум мышление раса предсказания закон иллюзия Космоэнергетика магия Мошенники ФРС США AMERO Амеро украина КРЫМ правда выбор Дух времени Идея США русские Николай Левашов сущность мозг сознание Разумное душа создатель апокалипсис власть мир АтмосферА змея пространство Америка Европа Африка катастрофа экономика Кудрин Афера масоны человек Путин Медведев еврей иудеи сионисты война евреи народ Жид Россия ксенофобия земля Н.Левашов Мидгард-Земля Нибиру звезду Немезида планета Смерти планета-Х КОБ 2012 латонного отражение перехода Поля Проект Россия 2012 год градус волосатость Глобальные катастрофы передел сфер влияния Приемник природные аномалии Солнце Высшие зло начало Суда пацаны пророчества время сатана 33 градус дельта дьявол звезда Давида потусторонний мир история Ю.Бабиков вспышки революция человечество Миссия В.В.Путин президент Ю.А.Бабиков Администрация А.Собчак А.Чубайс еврейское лобби ложи РФ 2009 год Солнце. Freeglobus перемены раскачка земли 2009 год доллар кризис Цена нефть Кора Солнца космос Библейские картинки Доту Е. Блаватскую Е.И.Рерих К.П.Петров КПЕ Ночь Сварога видео Н.Левашов Границы Миров ложь Темные силы Тёмные силы «черные» технологии медитация психоэнергетика Иерархи zolotorjov катаклизмы Англия Декабрь Инверсия Кора Земли Магнитные Силовые Линии еврейская империя Инсайдер конец света Люцифер дефляция доктор философии инфляция Мартин Д. Веисс воля новые даты. Враг вспышка солнца геомагнитные плиты Земли мировоззрение путешествия во времени Дефицит рублей концепция кризис потребления М.Хазин levashov.info социальные паразиты видео Нимизида Планета Х - Nibiru (Нибиру) законы природы противоречие пьяница В.В.Жириновский лжец Сергей Кургинян Кургинян Русский Сталин землетрясения духовность Бабиков матрицы «социальных паразитов» Вселенная глобальное потепление Игры США метеорологическое оружие венецианский купец Глеб Павловский монтизация долга безработица в США kurginyan.ru Видео Кургинян
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Главная » Статьи » Тайное, статьи, масоны под градусом » Secret, forecasts, articles of Masonic treachery

World of Gods. Reasonable changes?
"secret of human nature


World of Gods. Reasonable changes? LEGEND OF THE BATTLE OF GODS The myths and legends of peoples of the world there is mention of the wars of the gods. Scandinavians have a battle of Odin, the Egyptians had a feud between Osiris and Seth, the Greeks and the battle of the gods

Titans, Indians battle with Rama Rakshasa, and so on. Where is all this? Who are the Gods? Why they fight, where they came from and where are they now?
World of Gods. Reasonable modifications?

move forward in thin worlds of multidimensional spaces. Forecast Levites want war (the financial crisis - the war can not be avoided). To some extent, the confrontation

Christian Satan and the Creator, has a tighter framework that pagan writings about the battle of the gods.

Today, people of common sense in bewilderment. They argue that you can juggle all the facts. Doubts about the whole of our

history. What was Stalin, who Lenin? Hitler - is a genius or a villain, the vehicle of progress or obscurantist? Genghis Khan. Who is he? The villain, a murderer or carrying education

wise ruler? What is the motivation guide? Where truth and falsehood? What is truth? How is it detected? The most interesting thing is that earlier in men

manifested common skepticism. But our ancestors were able to answer this question. In order to recognize the truth, should adhere to morality and ethics, which

timeless throughout human history on this planet. It can not be true murderer and a thief. Would not say so? No. The villain may be the light of truth, only when it

cease to be a villain. In fact, when he will die and be reborn as a villain as a saint --
lack of human negative emotions. Genghis Khan, conqueror could not bear the truth of love and truth, but Genghis Khan, educator and organizer could.

This work does not claim to truth, but a lie is not, because here provided a moral choice. It does not matter whether the battle of the gods really happened there

development of civilizations on Earth and Mind in the Cosmos in this way, or something different. Does not matter what label we hung the forces of nature - gods or

Tachyon torsion or electromagnetic fields. Matters only our moral choices. Shall we, against his conscience or follow her - here she is, in truth

last resort. And while we're not identified, did not make this choice, the truth and the truth shall never enter into our house, in us and in our world. This will mean the end of the Light or

End of Truth. Then our mind will plunge into the darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding. And the world will dominate a single all understandable language - the language of force. Who is stronger, he and

rights, the strongest wins. Truth and justice for the weak, and the strength and power for the powerful. Battle of the Gods continues to this day within us and around us. But we are the only ones able to stop it. And so. The legend of the battle of the gods ...

The ascent and descent of the Spirit

Many mystics point out that the creation started from an abstract point, the point of singularity, a mathematical point. Some kind of void is something. Draw a small analogy. Imagine the scale of the frequency spectrum of light. Start with infrared and gradually

turn to the ultraviolet. But if you go further into the ultraviolet and infrared, then they both move into the region, which is perceived by the eye as black, dark, some

indistinguishable, a kind of black hole. In nature, all of creation there are always two streams - the rising and falling. One comes from the ultraviolet to infrared,

other from infrared to ultraviolet. But both threads are hidden in the dark indistinguishable.

From some extradimensional timeless point, reference point, there was the Great Spirit,
person perceives as a slave, ie a servile person who has to work for a master! which began distributing, creating in the Great Void certain limited areas,

huge bubbles, separated from the void insurmountable barrier. Inside the bubble of their conditioned centers began to spring up vortices, which, twisting, began to condense and crystallize. The initial bubbles were indistinguishable from the Great Void and not

had structural, spatial and duration. But twisting vortices began to form multi-dimensional spatio-temporal structure. Then the vortices began to share and divide the multidimensional space of less dimensional, less extended and prolonged.

Less dimensional structures were condense and crystallize. At the same time from the same point of singularity encountered dense crystallized structures - the minerals that

were spun by the same vortices in the direction of timeless multidimensionality. Both the vortex flow moving to meet each other and joined in some kind of middle

Median point, the equilibrium point, or change points. Thus there arose some single center of creation, around which twisted Primary Vortices Creation. Thus,

 In animals, there was one more component - the soul. In man, the soul is able to connect with Spirit and move on to the thin worlds of multidimensional spaces. This is a lift. Movement is the Great Spirit in the crystallization of a descending current. Ascending Great Spirit was moving in two opposite directions, showing a dual nature, and some Mid-Center, where his ambivalence balanced. From the Center

were also diverge eddies, spinning around and creating it side centers. Thus was our universe, galaxies, solar systems and planets.

Initial vortex flows and the Great Spirit did not have the intelligence. But the higher the degree of crystallization, ie, materiality, the greater reasonableness or

individuality possessed eddies or primary forces of nature, which in esoteric sources called the sower. In crystals and minerals of consciousness in

our modern understanding. Vortex flow and raised him from eternal slumber. Mind, endowed with the Spirit, and ran to its source. Inside the structures created have

appear smaller structures, twisting in spiral vortices. From the world of minerals encountered bacteria and plants, insects, and then animals and finally people. In animals, there was one more component - the soul. In man, the soul is able to connect with

Spirit and move on to the thin worlds of multidimensional spaces. This is a lift. Movement is the Great Spirit in the crystallization of a descending current. Ascending

Flow away from the man wanted in multi-dimensional worlds that are uniting, returned to the point of singularity or a point of creation. In man joined the two threads

- Upward and downward, forming a central point in the solar plexus and heart, for the mid-point has no extension.

It looked like the first man in the universe? Does it matter. To our mind it would have seemed a kind of insect creatures - insects or insectoid. He had no less than eight limbs, which he could use both hands and both feet. In

Greek myths, there is mention of the many-armed and sometimes storukih giants. Of the three, and four-dimensional space of the primary people move forward in multi-dimensional worlds

changing its shape, structure and length. Gradually Ascending Primary flow reached the Grand limit or point of creation. At the same time it reached the Great Limit

Descending and the primary flux. It Ascendant Primary flow possesses the mind and personality, that is represented by a group of primordial Divine

individuals or primary individualized, personalized Ones - the Gods. Gods - this is natural or divine forces, who found reason individuality,

personification in the evolution of the Great Spirit. The gods have names, because there were individuals, although multidimensional. These entities have gained experience of ascent and descent and

initially when you reach the Grand limits should have been back, connect with the Source. Back to the Void, in something. Part of the primary gods did.But not all

The gods wanted to return. Some stayed, seduced by the opportunity to create edinovlastno. They wanted to become independent from the source, would themselves become onym.

United, the gods surrounded the creation insurmountable barrier, and each created his own irresistible barrier inside the primary barrier, created jointly by the gods. Thus arose the world of the gods.

Secondary gods of war gods

Dividing the space, each god was to rule in their area, giving it some flavor. But their creation was unstable, because it was separated from the Source - Initially

point. Then they began to merge, forming numerous Olympus with Zeus-Jupiter. Olympus were not equal in opportunity and strength. Some Olympus began to absorb

weaker. Among the primary gods, some have decided to return to the Source. But enter it from the world of gods could not. Then the most powerful of them joined in the downstream and with

Him returned to the crystallization and re-started the ascent. But the individuality of their minds and were kept in mind. Now even the stones and plants are reasonable. After

second ascending flow, the gods were faced with a choice - to return to the Source, or again in the world of the gods. And although they originally sought to the Source, accomplishing the secondary

Climbing, many in the world of the gods have decided to return, because they could not overcome his fear of the unknown, fear of loss of identity and dissolution in the source. Frightened they

their power and strength to lose. World of Gods has not changed. But the space belonging to retired gods, were employed. Together with the primary gods came to the rising flow of the secondary gods. But the primary gods in the world of the gods lived, did not want to use them. Then

War broke out between the newcomers and the primary gods. But some of the primary gods, re-passed by the rising flow, took the old gods, since learned that

gained greater strength, passing through the re-materialization. And some have decided to re-pass through the material worlds. Since the numerical superiority was at the stranger, then gave way to the old gods of his world. Some of the old gods returned to the source,

the rest returned to the material worlds. But the secondary gods decided not to let anyone in the world of the gods. Because they were obstructing the ascending and even seeking to interfere with the Source. Thus appeared the Dark Gods.

Reinkarnatnye cycles
The emergence of observers

Secondary gods decided not to let anyone in the world of the gods. Just as the gods of the first wave, they do not want to return to the Source. This was established reinkarnatnaya system,

through which many reaching the ascending flow of many eons stuck in the dense worlds. In the matter. At all levels, and plans have been set up special structures that

any way hampered the spiritual development of Mind from matter. Form secret and overt power institutions of secular and spiritual. At all levels of being an era of

medieval obscurantism and deaf. Progressive destroyed or placed under

arrest prohibitions and indisputable dogma. At different levels of priority has been achieving absolute power. Reason instead of natural development came under the influence of their games. Originally, people lived in dense worlds, one life. Its duration is one hundred

years. After the death of a man crossed to the thinner the plans and they also live a hundred years. Death only opened the gates to other dimensions. The process of human evolution in detail

described in the Book of Urantia. For so called Earth in the intergalactic references and catalogs.

But the secondary gods intervened in the natural course of evolution and created reinkarnatny cycle.

Prvichnye Even the gods have fallen under its scope, and lost the opportunity to return to the world of the gods. Now they have fallen gods.
be continued

World of Gods. Reasonable changes? LEGEND OF THE BATTLE OF GODS
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highest calling of man - DEATH! Sorry, not just a man, and Christian! We have children and grandchildren Dazhdbog!

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