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Тайное, прогнозы, статьи - осень 2009 года, станет для всех очередным примером масонского предатель [48]
Тайное статьи, Нравственность, честность – это биология. Прогноз на 2009 год. осень 2009 года, станет для всех очередным примером масонского предательства.
Secret, forecasts, articles of Masonic treachery [17]
Secret articles, the Morals, honesty is a biology. The forecast for 2009. The spring of 2009, becomes for all the next example of Masonic treachery.
Жидовское хамство Тины Канделаки...«Русские – кто вы? Где вы здесь?..» [0]
Телевидение - инструмент агрессии геноцид русских, настоящей информационной войны против России и русского народа.
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нравственность честность лидер барак обама москва 2009 хаос правительство Петров обман levashov Врата Междумирья Зомби прогнозы Шанс коба разум мышление раса предсказания закон иллюзия Космоэнергетика магия Мошенники ФРС США AMERO Амеро украина КРЫМ правда выбор Дух времени Идея США русские Николай Левашов сущность мозг сознание Разумное душа создатель апокалипсис власть мир АтмосферА змея пространство Америка Европа Африка катастрофа экономика Кудрин Афера масоны человек Путин Медведев еврей иудеи сионисты война евреи народ Жид Россия ксенофобия земля Н.Левашов Мидгард-Земля Нибиру звезду Немезида планета Смерти планета-Х КОБ 2012 латонного отражение перехода Поля Проект Россия 2012 год градус волосатость Глобальные катастрофы передел сфер влияния Приемник природные аномалии Солнце Высшие зло начало Суда пацаны пророчества время сатана 33 градус дельта дьявол звезда Давида потусторонний мир история Ю.Бабиков вспышки революция человечество Миссия В.В.Путин президент Ю.А.Бабиков Администрация А.Собчак А.Чубайс еврейское лобби ложи РФ 2009 год Солнце. Freeglobus перемены раскачка земли 2009 год доллар кризис Цена нефть Кора Солнца космос Библейские картинки Доту Е. Блаватскую Е.И.Рерих К.П.Петров КПЕ Ночь Сварога видео Н.Левашов Границы Миров ложь Темные силы Тёмные силы «черные» технологии медитация психоэнергетика Иерархи zolotorjov катаклизмы Англия Декабрь Инверсия Кора Земли Магнитные Силовые Линии еврейская империя Инсайдер конец света Люцифер дефляция доктор философии инфляция Мартин Д. Веисс воля новые даты. Враг вспышка солнца геомагнитные плиты Земли мировоззрение путешествия во времени Дефицит рублей концепция кризис потребления М.Хазин levashov.info социальные паразиты видео Нимизида Планета Х - Nibiru (Нибиру) законы природы противоречие пьяница В.В.Жириновский лжец Сергей Кургинян Кургинян Русский Сталин землетрясения духовность Бабиков матрицы «социальных паразитов» Вселенная глобальное потепление Игры США метеорологическое оружие венецианский купец Глеб Павловский монтизация долга безработица в США kurginyan.ru Видео Кургинян
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Главная » Статьи » Тайное, статьи, масоны под градусом » Secret, forecasts, articles of Masonic treachery

Predicting planetary cataclysms, dates - the new food for the "dark forces". Two things - free will and reason - given to people not acciden
Predicting planetary cataclysms, dates - the new food for the Predicting planetary cataclysms, dates - the new food for the "dark forces". Two things - free will and reason - given to people not accidental.
The man who is not alien to the belief that he was created Lord must always be borne in mind that accurately dated in the future is only a harm to his soul. Those for whom the Creator - the big empty sound, can not accommodate this by definition.
He who is not indifferent to the Creator, acknowledges that he is in this world is not accidental. Two things - a free will and reason - given to people and not by accident. This god-like attributes that make us the image and likeness of the Creator. If the person to bring knowledge that will be on a certain date, his will and mind to become free from the enslaved.
This knowledge - the external impact on his will. As a trivial example: Penza sectarians, ie those who are waiting for the end of the world is selling the property, quit their jobs and as a cockroach crawls from dichlorvos to go to hell. For example, immured himself underground. On the face of the result of the impact of prophecies, seasoned with dates. Now ask yourself, does the decision to withdraw from normal life - not the result of the impact on the will and mind of man? The answer is obvious.

The point is that, under the pressure of the exact dating of these people stop to think about his state of mind, its clean and easy on the spiritual work on oneself, which is the main objective for all living on this earth and in the material world. Purely formal, they can pray in three shifts, to build a pious faces and stuff, but their heart, at the far, far away from charity and piety. The significance is the work on their weaknesses and vices in the state, when our will and mind, nothing affects directly and indirectly.

For example, a man reported that he was terminally ill. Led by fear, he begins to think about the mountain and reach for the spiritual, conscious that he must "there" to answer. And the other person comes to believe that the need to lead a virtuous life, in the usual frame of mind, ie when he was nothing oppresses and it does not press. Both are coming, like, to one and the same result.

But the inner part of the process, arising in duhosuschestve both, is different. Not difficult to understand, in whom the spiritual is manifested and is rooted most strongly. No wonder that when the danger passes the human side first, it often with new force strikes to the winds.

Tyagi something sincere to the spiritual before it was not? None. It was caused by the factors - disease. But the disease has passed, everything will work out, but because you can continue to sin. This is the logic of the overwhelming majority spiritless homosapiensov. Among other things, and for this reason, and there are still others, the Lord does not allow people to discover the exact date of occurrence of certain events. Because the vast majority of people they will affect, as in the example of a man, "come" to the spiritual because of the fear of death. Ie price of their spirituality - a penny.

There are, of course, are people who are able to perceive some sort of sacred knowledge, framed dates, without any adverse effects on their mental state and lifestyle. But they are only a little. Yes, as such may be disclosed few details, but these details will be some local and individual nature of relevance, especially for the man himself,

his relatives and friends. If we are over and reveal knowledge relevant to all people, the exact dates are not known NEVER. Because the vast majority of it will bring only harm. Exact dates can cause havoc on the planet. Imagine a man who publicly said that tomorrow they will kill Obama and his prediction was fulfilled. If the first prediction of the majority would treat with skepticism, then to every second prediction from the lips of this man would be taken seriously and will act according to what promises predicted.

Say, for tomorrow they predicted a pole shift, the death of 80% of the population and other delights. I do not need to daub on a virtual canvas painting of what it will. So forget about the dates of global cataclysms. Nobody knows. Over reveals the essence of any future events, and even then not in detail, or signs, which can determine the approach of any event. All who seduces men dates, said of the devil.

Lately it has become fashionable to simply throw out for everyone to see astral cartoons, sdabrivaya them all kinds of dates. This is not a tooth fall out with his foot, they see not the whole spiritual world, but only their own spiritual sphere, which is merely a reflection of their own soul and all that dirt

that it is, as well as all the good that is inherent in it. No wonder that they have a puncture after the other, but they only awkwardly realized, though that may not be an exact chronology of events set. Yep. Why not "mogete" that your cartoons - polufantazii that have no real foundation in the material world.

Check the others we have a universal spiritual sphere of the Earth, would be horrified, because all the sub-space and nadpoverhnostnoe stuffed to the eyeballs dead. Their number is much greater than the number living. Depending on the degree of its perfection or lack thereof, they are either inside the planet (the most evil of Ada, that is imperfect sphere, which can be roughly classified as third degree),

above the surface of the Earth's evil spheres of the first and second degree, as well as bright areas (sky) of the first and second degree. Finally, higher-level clouds - the most sophisticated and bright areas of the third degree (the highest heaven), going into outer space. Why I say that? Moreover, the changes taking place now on Earth, is directly linked to the described areas. The fact that dead people on earth (with some exceptions) settle on the death of his body in one of the above areas. The vast majority falls into the scope of the imperfect. They are grouped into large community (by the way, people are highly spiritual and grouped into communities), which constantly

replenished with new arrivals of the Earth, ie dead. Between themselves, these wicked community often are kind of giant wars, in which both are involved millions and millions of souls. Have these wars for our physical eyes in the form of natural disasters. Many of their ignorance, accuse

Ie Those who have already died and those who are still alive and who, indulging evil, binds himself invisible to the eyes of their ties with one or another evil communities begin to speak in their own lives in the language of distress and turmoil. Ie bringing to their lives or that the daily hardships. Creator that He sends de troubles on people. But he's not with it. In all these disasters to blame the people themselves. Ie Those who have already died and those who are still alive and who, indulging evil, binds himself invisible to the eyes of their ties with one or another evil communities begin to speak in their own lives in the language of distress and turmoil. Ie bringing to their lives or that the daily hardships.

Returning to planetary cataclysms, I note that the welfare of the entire biosphere and the tectonics of the Earth depends on what happens in the spiritual sphere surrounding our planet and located within it. Seeing the growing year by year, lack of spirituality of people, it is easy to conclude that the scope of imperfect literally overflows. Giant spiritual war, which I have mentioned, and against which our past world wars - a children's amusement, gaining momentum.

Yes, they will sooner or later come to an end after the intervention of slum areas of light, ie those in a Christian environment called angels, which is manifested in the fact that after every storm comes calm. However, the number of these wars grows continually. Go on forever it can not. Any bowl will overflow sooner or later. For example, within the scope of our planet can not end without taking lodgers, who are already constantly trying to escape from their places of confinement, which leads to earthquakes on the Earth's surface. Why does the number of earthquakes is increasing?

Because the number of evil, falling in the most imperfect spiritual spheres of our Earth is also growing. The more, the stronger it is manifested in the form of the same tectonic movements. I have described - only one side of the changes that capture our senses at the moment. The point is that the spiritual world is primary in the issue of planetary climate change.

Our scientists, of course, will seek an explanation for everything that happens, digging into the material consequences, and not knowing the spiritual causes. And because all of their explanations are not worth even a broken penny. But I have described - is only one side of the coin, which explains the climate change. There is one more. But it is too complicated to explain in the post.

The question that can be set before saying: "How long will all this continue? All these growing disasters? ". I have no exact answer and the exact calendar dates. I only know that it is not very long. In addition, the flywheel is running at full. He can no longer be stopped. Any collective prayer and individual work on themselves. Yes, you can somewhat elevate the local space around us, but it is pathetic zilch for the spiritual spheres, billions and billions of deaths and affecting our material reality is the most direct way.

The few people of good will not be able to influence the spiritual condition of those unfortunate souls. The situation is not reversed. Alas, but for various reasons in the other world spiritual progress is in tens, hundreds or even thousands of times slower than in the material world. Changes in the minds of billions of evil souls can not cause any prayers. This requires their own desire, which they wont, are reluctant to express.
So, sadly, but our world in its present form can not long exist. And there is no point in trying to save him. He is rotten to the core and is likened to the building, which must be demolished, and in its place build a new world, updated. And the Lord will do so. That He will initiator, and the architects and builders of this new world. What an interesting time we live.

Incidentally, some time ago, saw a relatively old information (the Christian persuasion) that the so-called cosmic catastrophe, which many expect will be associated with a powerful ejection of plasma from the solar surface. Ie would eruption, which has never happened before, and which crosses the orbit of the Earth with all its consequences for her. This will be the beginning of the end. But not the end. Above all, however, is not it. I have a thousand times and I repeat once again: the significance for us is the purity of our souls. Not just knowledge, no matter how marvelous it was not, and purity of heart.

All the rest of the evil one. Those who are drawn to the Lord with all your heart and with all your mind and those who love your neighbor as yourself, will be conducted safely during the Lord of global change. He tells them how and what to take to make all and emerge victorious. It will open each individually.

Those who are trying to save his physical shell is not enough without worrying about the purity of the soul, doomed to failure. Nothing impure in the new world will not be included. So do not bother all sorts of dates. Think better of the heart. It seems time for all of us are not so many left.

Predicting planetary cataclysms, dates - the new food for the "dark forces". Two things - free will and reason - given to people not accidental.

If the person to bring knowledge that will be on a certain date, his will and mind to become free from the enslaved.

Land and what is notable that there are collected the various systems of coordinates of time and adapted to artificially create a space.

Источник: http://forecasts.my1.ru/news/predskazanie_planetarnykh_kataklizmov_tochnye_daty_novaja_pishha_dlja_temnykh_sil_dve_veshh

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